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Crown Victoria

Consoles & Cup Holders for Classic Crown Victoria

For years Ford Crown Victorias were the police force standard, known for their durability, spacious interior and the fact that they utilize a body on frame design rather than a uni-body design like most cars. Interior comfort options for the everyday driver however, is not the quality that these cars were made for. Are you looking for more storage space, a more comfortable arm rest, or just some upgraded cup holders in your Ford Police Crown-Victoria-Interceptor?

Our new Police Interceptor console is designed to fit the late model Ford Crown Vic. Installation instructions are included and require simple hand tools to complete. The product is made to the precise specifications needed to fit inside the interior of these vehicles.

With this product you are given the much needed, easy to access storage space for things like your cellphone, MP3 player or GPS navigation system. So, just forget about dropping your cell phone between the seats ever again!

Several colors to choose from to match or customize your interior include:

  • Adriatic Blue
  • Camel
  • Ivory
  • Midnight Black
  • SVO Gray
  • Oak

 Features at a glance:

*Chrome trimmed cup holders

*Felt-lined storage compartment

*Easy installation

*Turns original center console into secret storage

*Registration/Insurance or map hideaway

*Available in colors to match any custom paint

*Product built proudly in the United States of America

Whether this product is just what you are looking for, or you are looking for something else, make sure to check out the sidebar of this website in order to browse through the hundreds of upgrades we have for late model, vintage and classic vehicles like yours. We have numerous universal products that are sure to fit your Crown Victoria Interceptor.

Comes with:

1) Two King Size Drink Holders

2) Storage Compartment

3) Arm Rest

4) Directions to install

Don’t forget, because these vehicles also have bench seats in the rear, this product can be used to provide benefits to either the back, front or both bench seats! And these products, just like your Ford Crown Victoria, are perfect for customization. We encourage product owners to adorn their consoles with decals of their make and or model or such other decals like those that support local sports teams.