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KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 47

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Restoring a vintage Volvo car comes as one of life’s pleasures. The real satisfaction happens when accessories such as a KHE-300 created by Ken Harrison become installed. It makes lovely sound waves while cruising some lonesome highway. A ride in a restored vintage car classifies as an experience. To get the full experience a person needs authentic replacement parts. How do you know a real KHE-300? It has a set of distinct features packaged with knobs and a scale of radio stations that nostalgic way. Its custom design will fit a factory dash making that moonlight drive by the ocean or countryside especially delightful.
A Ken Harrison radio, in reality, has a modern set of circuitries past the exterior. The exterior looks like the model initially presented in the first year of the car. A person gets the best of both worlds as in modern technology introduced nostalgically.
A Ken Harrison KHE-300 has the following: 


• 200 Watts Power Output (4X50)
• LCD Display W/Blue Illumination
• Auto Antenna Power Lead
• Clock Time/Frequency Selector
• RCA Pre-Outs
• Rear Auxiliary Inputs


Modern Technology 
Though looking like from decades past a closer inspection reveals such delights as a front USB input iPod or MP3 player so the computer/tablet favorites can come along for the ride. A front mini SD card reader allows for other options. To free up the hands for driving Bluetooth wireless streaming comes with it.


Tweaking the Sound Output 

Extended buttons come as 6AM/6PM Presets in addition to the standard manual up/down tuning. If the mood changes or if a person needs a mood change a seek/auto scan beckons and works with just a touch. A PLL synthesizer digital tuner, separate bass/treble control, and a 4-way fader control let a person adjust the sound a bit.

Sleek, illuminated, well-defined controls and modern technology makes the KHE-300 a sight and sound to behold.

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