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Nova Console & Cup Holders

Consoles and Cup Holders for Chevy Nova

The Chevrolet Nova came to be as a feature set of the Chevy II in its first and second generation runs from 1962 to 1967. Chevy II’s were never built for their comfort options. It is remembered as one of the quickest development to release schedules ever completed by General Motors. It took only 18 months for this car to move from concept to production line finished product. This was because the car was never intended to be anything special at all. In a time of serious car experimentation and concept design releases, such as Chevrolet’s own Corvair release in 1960.

The purpose behind the of the Chevy II was to get back to the basics., but it’s top of the line model each year was given the side nickname of Nova. When it was completely redesigned for the 1968 model year, the changes were so great that the Chevy II name was completely dropped and it was given a new name. Nova.

With this came two major changes. The overall design of the car, down to its frame, was changed to become more sporty, and a Super Sport or “SS” version was released to keep abreast with the trend of muscle cars. This aggressive new look caught attention of muscle car buyers, even though it was one of the smallest of such vehicles to come out of Detroit. It is overall best remembered and collected in this super sport version.

As with many Chevy releases, the Chevy II was also created in response to a vehicle release by the Ford Motor Company. In this case the Chevy II was matched with the Ford Falcon. Though these older models are not the flashiest of vintage cars, they represent an era of American culture where cars were an absolute statement of personality. And for those who wish to keep that statement alive today, a few simple upgraded features can take these cars to the next level.

By 1971, the meaning of the name Nova became a branding statement for General Motors, standing for Nova, Omega, Ventura, Apollo, the Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Buick counterparts to the Chevy Nova.

So, though the Nova version of the first two generations of Chevy II’s are the “top of the line” edition, it does not mean all too much. Features are still limited, and by today’s standards are almost non-existent. We offer several products to fit any Chevy Nova or Chevy II. They are easy to install, cost effective, and uncommonly useful for vintage, classic or late model cars such as these.

Available center consoles and other upgrades:

*1962-1967 Chevy 11 Nova Low-Rider Console for Coupe/Convertible

*1968-1978 Nova Low-Rider Dual Drink Holder/Console

*1968-78 Chevy Nova BC-Cruiser Sedan, Conv,Hard Top & Wagon

*1969-1972 Nova Plug & Chug Drink Holder

*Chevy Nova Bench Seat Console & Cup Holder

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